Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bike Across Kansas

Welcome to Colorado © Joel Thomason
I completed my first ever Bike Across Kansas today. All in all, I rode 497 miles in 8 days across my favorite state in the Union. The trek took me through the towns of Tribune, Scott City, Ness City, Hoisington, McPherson, Cottonwood Falls, Burlington, Garnett and La Cygne. Along the way I saw a small tornado (while on my bike), started a huge game of knock out (basketball) with some local junior high kids, rode into 35 mph headwinds, heard the worst comedian in history, broke 3 spokes on my rear wheel, watched someone hot-wire a bus, tried to flirt with a girl and failed, and soaked in a state so central to my heritage. I didn't have a camera, but I did have my handy iPhone. Here are a few pictures.

- Joel

Hoisington, KS © Joel Thomason

Ness City, KS © Joel Thomason

Lane County, KS © Joel Thomason

Christ Pilot Me © Joel Thomason

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oscarellis said...

yea! fun pictures! I can't wait to hear the stories...maybe in July??? Or maybe I just need to call you, eh?