Wednesday, September 29, 2010

American Royal BBQ

© Trey Kazee
I have a tendency to brag about Kansas City. Nothing like hometown pride to inspire bold proclamations - both true and embellished. However, if there's one thing about Kansas City that cannot be overstated it is barbeque. Texas, Memphis, and the Carolinas may lay claim to award winning barbeque, but only one place owns (yes, we literally own it) the blue ribbon: Kansas City. Both in quantity (the the metro area is home to more than 200 bbq joints) and in quality (food critics declare KC the Mecca of BBQ) Kansas City stands above the rest. This weekend, barbeque connoisseurs from across the globe descend on the city for what has become known as the "World Series of Barbeque", the cook-off to end all cook-offs, the American Royal Barbeque competition. For competitive barbequers, this event marks the season finale of the barbeque circuit. If I wasn't heading to Dallas for the Texas State Fair this weekend, you would find me in the West Bottoms, reeking of smoke and covered in sauce. For those seeking the zenith of smoked meats and spicy sauces, look no further than the American Royal.

By the way, I must admit a bit of hypocrisy here. The photos I'm featuring on this post were actually shot in Texas. A friend from Dallas, Trey Kazee, embarked on a barbeque odyssey of his own around the great state, taking these finger-lickin' good photographs. It's much more fun posting pictures shot by a friend than Google searching for stock photography. Plus, Trey possesses spectacular abilities in the craft (let's declare him Photographer of the Day). So, if these pictures look good, just imagine how amazing the American Royal must be to consistently out do all the barbeque Texas brings to the table.

- Joel

© Trey Kazee


trey kazee said...

Ha! Thanks for the shout-out.

As an addendum, I'm re-working my site. Total overhaul. And, since I pulled a rookie mistake and hosed my existing site, it's a work in progress for all to see (

I wonder if Stacy's cousin will be there this weekend - they live in Wichita, and word is he's a serious bbq fanatic. She mentioned that they were working towards entering some competitions...

For the record, the first shot is from Louie Mueller Barbecue in Taylor, Texas; the second is from City Market in Luling, Texas.

Joel said...

I've been drooling over your bbq photos on Flickr since you posted them. One of these days I'll need you to take me on a tour of the Texas bbq hotspots.

I like the new site by the way. You're photos are sooooo good.