Saturday, November 1, 2008

Shoal Creek Wilderness Run

This morning, in the midst of the thickest fog Kansas City has seen in awhile, I participated in the 7th annual Shoal Creek Wilderness Run, held each year to raise awareness for the Shoal Creek Living History Museum. The 5-mile course took runners through village of 19th century buildings, built between 1807 and 1885, back and forth across Shoal Creek four times, and through the woods of Hodge Park. It was a great course and enjoyable run, and the fog added a Hollywood-esque feel. I felt like a Civil War soldier running through the woods, ducking enemy fire (I'd be fighting for the Union of course). Though I didn't stick around for the Awards Ceremony, my time would have placed me 4th in my age group according to the 2007 results.

Also, I have a pretty funny and embarrassing story from the race. Ask me if you're interested.

- Joel

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