Saturday, November 1, 2008

Blast From the Not So Distant Past

With my new job, my commute has become substantially longer. Fortunately, in Kansas City, gas can be purchased at QuikTrip (best gas station in the country) for $1.95 a gallon. The blessing in disguise is this - it gives me some time in the morning and evening to go through all my music. The last two days I've been enjoying the rediscovery of Peter Bjorn and John. Back in 2007, I listed their album Writer's Block as my fifth favorite album of the year. If you're super hip, you'd correct me and say, "Didn't that album drop in 2006?" I would answer, "Yes and no. It was released in Europe in 2006 but wasn't available in the U.S. until 2007." Anyway, I'm loving me some PB&J right now. Below you can see/hear two of the better tracks on the album.

- Joel

Young Folks

Object of My Affection

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