Wednesday, November 12, 2008

LaSalle Bank Photography Collection

Trolley, 1955 © Robert Frank
Today I took a quick day trip to Chicago to meet with LaSalle Bank (actually they've been recently bought out by Bank of America). Don't worry, it was not as glamorous as it may sound. I spent all of the time either sitting on a plane, sitting in a taxi, or sitting in a small conference room with windows opening to the side of a building. However, in my walk from the elevator to the bank's restaurant on the 43rd floor, I walked through a hallway full of photography from the bank's private collection. They have an incredible collection. I was excited to recognize a piece from Robert Frank's The Americans hanging in the hallway. The picture, seen above, happened to be my favorite from that collection of Frank's photography. Personally, I was excited to recognize a piece of artwork and not only know the artist but the piece's cultural implications as well. One year ago, this would not have been the case.

- Joel

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