Monday, July 21, 2008

KiD CuDi

A fresh mixtape dropped last week.  KiD CuDi is a rapper from Cleveland and the tape is called A KiD Named CuDi.  This mixtape has a fresh sound.  A lot of the beats I would classify as "galactic."  Lots of low-key synths with understated bass hitting in the background.  It's worth checking out, especially since you can download it for free from KiD CuDi's blog (link below).  I haven't quite made it through the entire mixtape yet, but the highlight for me is "Cleveland Is The Reason."  I also really like "Is There Any Love?" and "Day N Night" (the first single available on iTunes).  Also, CuDi raps over Band of Horses "Funeral" on the track "The Prayer."  I don't know if he'll blow up on the radio, but CuDi is bound to be an underground sensation.

- Joel

Cleveland Is The Reason (via YouTube)

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