Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Blind Pilot

The free download on iTunes this week is from a really good band - Blind Pilot.  Their newest album, 3 Rounds and a Sound, sounds like a less-indie version of The Dodos.  The duo from Portland, OR consists of an acoustic guitar and light drum set.  Their sound is light and catchy and the music and vocals are very accessible.  It's worth looking into.  If nothing else, download their song "Go On, Say It" for free.  I would recommend the entire album.  After two listens, my favorite song on the album is "The Story I Heard".  You can get the "pre-released" album (whatever that means) on iTunes for $6.  One more note about Blind Pilot - they go on tour by bike.  They've made custom trailers for their instruments and have been touring the West Coast by bike to be environmentally conscious.  Interesting.

- Joel

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