Thursday, May 15, 2008

Shipley & Halmos

I never thought I would ever say this, but I can barely stop wearing khakis. Everyday I feel like I have to pry myself away from slipping on those tan colored pants and it's thanks to two men. Sam Shipley and Jeff Halmos are co-creators of the appropriately named Shipley & Halmos. Shipley and Halmos aren't new to the industry though, they're two of the creators of what is becoming a super line Trovata.

Spring 2008 Shipley hit stores with a more refined quirkiness than the former Torvata, and for me the signature piece is the khaki. Even a few months ago Khaki was a swear word in my world of raw denim but spring has seen the rebirth of casual preppy. These aren't your dad's pants though, with the perfect slim cut, white salvage hem, and slight wax coating. They defy the mainstream ideas of the chino.

So, here I am out of the khaki name is Daniel and I love my Shipley & Halmos Khaki pants.


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