Monday, May 12, 2008

The Republic Tigers

Want to impress your friends?  Ask them if they've heard of The Republic Tigers.  Most likely, they haven't.   Maybe they have if they like local, Kansas City, indie pop.  But how many people look to KC as a breeding ground for indie popsters?  Not many.  The Republic Tigers just came out with an album called "Keep Color."  I've known about them for awhile but could never find their EP in any stores.  Now they've released a full length and I think it deserves attention.  Their first single is called "Buildings & Mountains" but my favorite song (I don't even have the album yet so it's my favorite song of the few that I've heard off the album) is "Made Concrete."  You can find it on iTunes.  Check them out.

- Joel

Buildings & Mountains video:

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Anthony P said...

Hey Joel, Did I tell you about these guys? Or did you already know about them? Anyway, I just saw that they are one Letterman on this week on the 22nd. Just thought I would give you the heads up. They are starting to get radio play down here. Not sure if they have reached the Big D yet. Hope things are going well.