Sunday, May 18, 2008


Which version of The Office is better, English or American?  I've participated in this debate recently.  It's hard to argue that anything but the original is best.  This goes for a lot of things - Beatles songs, the movie Home Alone, Apple's operating system (which Microsoft ripped off and called Windows), Borat's character on Da Ali G show, etc.  According to this sketch from last night's SNL, both versions of The Office ripped off ideas from someone else.

Last night's Saturday Night Live was, in my opinion, the funniest since Justin Timberlake hosted two Christmases ago.  Steve Carrell's opening monologue had me laughing out loud.  Speaking of J.T., there used to be a big debate over who was cooler, Timberlake or Usher.  It's no longer a valid debate - Usher is now strange and awkward.  His performances last night were completely uncomfortable to watch.

- Joel

Here's another recent SNL Digital short that I found pretty funny.


Anonymous said...

Hilarious... I definitely laughed out loud when watching both of those. Did you hear that dad saw the first skit or something and made Cory stop watching it and erase it on our DVR? Talk about a bummer...

jknight31 said...

Joel, I also thought the punched digital short was hilarious. I plan on making videos like it to use in youth in the near future.

And I will now get on hulu to watch the Steve Carrell SNL.

And....I love you.

And....I miss your touch.

And....Ok, this is getting awkward.

Anonymous said...

Joel! How funny! I love it. Keep up the posts!

Jessie said...

What is it about a good beating that makes me laugh...classic.