Thursday, February 12, 2009


Photographed by Zach McNees
I'm home.  I was supposed to sub for a business teacher at my old high school (right up my alley, I know!), but was called while driving to the school only to be told my services were not needed.  It was an honest mistake - the teacher had made a commitment to a particular person then she posted the sub opportunity incorrectly on the website.

So anyway, I'm home this morning, and I'm reading about music.  I just read this interview a writer for Stereogum conducted with Rev. Thomas Vito Aiuto, leader of the band The Welcome Wagon.  I found this interview to be interesting on a number of levels.  
1) Aiuto is the leader of a band whose music I enjoy, and I'm interested to hear his opinions.
2) Aiuto is a Christian, as am I, who speaks with a unique combination of sensitivity, confidence, patience, relevance. (I'm not saying I always speak in that way, though I hope I do more often than I don't, only that I am a Christian.)
3) In spite of their beliefs (or maybe because of...I haven't decided yet) and because of their thoughtfulness and sensitivity, Aiuto and The Welcome Wagon have been warmly received by an independent music community not always excited (and for good reason sometimes) about individuals with clearly espoused religious beliefs.

So whether you are interested or uninterested in spiritual things, I think you'd enjoy reading this interview.  Plus Stereogum offers a free Welcome Wagon mp3.  Or you can just download it below.

- Joel

Download a Welcome Wagon mp3:


trey kazee said...

interesting article - thanks for the link

man, the sufjan influence is unmistakable on that track, too. do you like the Danielson Famile?

Joel said...

I haven't listened to much of the Danielson Famile. I did go to a Danielson show one time.

trey kazee said...

it's one of those things that sort of grows on you.