Monday, February 2, 2009

Air France

This song by Swedish group Air France, called "No Excuses", is the perfect addition to a mixtape made for a sunny day.  I find the song to be half elevator-pop (music that sounds like what you'd hear in an elevator) and half pure indie-positivity.  The video may be black and white but the song is all bright hues of red and orange and green, like the colors you see when you close your eyes.

Ha, that's kind of a funny explanation of a song.  I've heard similar things said about Panda Bear.  But the description fits, if you ask me.  If you like this song, also check out the song "Collapsing At Your Doorstep".  If you like both songs, check out the album by Air France entitled No Way Down, available for a mere $7.99 on iTunes.

- Joel

Air France - "No Excuses"

Speaking of Panda Bear...

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