Friday, February 13, 2009

Coldplay on 60 Minutes

Apparently Coldplay was on 60 Minutes recently (thanks to Conner for alerting me to this interview).  Well, more like Chris Martin was on 60 Minutes recently.  But still, I found the interview to be incredibly insightful.  For being the biggest band in the world (or maybe 2nd biggest depending on how you feel about U2), the members of Coldplay are thoroughly genuine on screen.  Their music comes under a lot of fire - some accurate and some not, in my opinion.  But as I wrote back in June when their album came out: 
Isn't art supposed to lend itself to discussion? Because so many people talk about Coldplay, could that lend more artistic credibility to their music?...Amid the criticism, I guess Coldplay can take solace in this: people will talk, but at least they're talking. Not that Coldplay needs to take solace in anything. I think they'll be just fine.
After this interview, I like these guys even more.  They're just normal guys, who happen to make music whose melodies resonate with the world.  I can live with that.  I think I'll go put on Viva La Vida...

- Joel

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