Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dominican Republic

Reyes © Joel Thomason
Last week I had my film from the Dominican Republic processed.  I was hesitant to work through those pictures for two reasons.  First, I found out that I incorrectly wound some of the film.  Maybe I've always been doing it wrong, I don't know.  But two of the 35mm rolls didn't come out. The Holga stuff came out just fine, though.  So I'm a little embarrassed about the mistake, but I'll work through it by coming clean here on the blog.  Second, I wasn't as excited about how a lot of the pictures came out.  I'll just use the excuse that all of my good pictures were on the rolls that were incorrectly wound in the camera!  But I'm posting them anyway in an attempt for feedback and for the sake of giving people a glimpse of what the Dominican was like.

I'll be getting a lot of the pictures up on my Flickr page soon.  In the meantime, the picture above is of a friend I made named Reyes.  He gave me a motorcycle ride around Herrera, where we worked.  That's him and his motorcycle.

- Joel


trey kazee said...

sweet shot - looking forward to seeing the rest!

i recently botched 2 rolls in 2 cameras on the same day, including aubren's "first day at school." it stings, right?

Joel said...

Yeah, I felt really dumb when I found out. Oh well, I'm still learning. I can be humble enough to admit I've got a lot of learning to do. But it's a bummer, because you can't recreate the moment.

abby! said...

I DO know Reyes! All this time I was wondering if that guy was the one you were talking about, and he is! Maybe I'll become good friends with him when I live there... craziness!!!

Nicole said...

You cannot say anything about your photos because I saw the ones you posted and they are awesome!