Monday, September 15, 2008

Shout outs

I had a chance to hang with a fun crew on Saturday, many of whom have blogs and/or websites of their own. Check them out below...

- Joel

Leila Grothe - The Prima Gallerina
Cassie Edmondson - BTW Photo Blog (I had to leave before Dylan and the rest of Booker T. crew rolled in but shout out to them)
Barry Whistler - Barry Whistler Gallery, Barry Whistler Gallery Blog (maintained by Leila)
Brian Gibb - Art Prostitute, Art Prostitute Gallery, The Public Trust
Allison V. Smith -, Superficial Snapshots
Holly - Halz Haz A Say

Two other shout outs to people who may or may not have websites or blogs of their own...first to Jonathan (Leila's boyfriend) who withstood the peer pressure and went home rather than staying out for karaoke. Second, to the little boy sleeping on a table at the karaoke bar, who we affectionately named Joel. Oh and one more to Jeff and Nicole. I can't remember their last names but they are without a doubt one of the trillest married couples I've met here in Dallas.


Anonymous said...

hey joel, good to meet you on sat. hope tradewinds karaoke hasn't left permanent scars. sometimes i think i need a tetanus shot when i leave there.

holly j

jt said...

I definitely know what you mean about the tetanus shot. But other than tetanus, that night was great.

leila said...

best shout out EVER! thanks man!

leila said...

(i do wish you and baby sleeping joel had done that duet)