Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ode to Booker T: A Remix

What's this elixir
Photo class calls fixer?

Drama floatin like humidity
Dylan promises the blog of the century.

Why must a class so trill
Be forced on hands and knees to drill?

Yeah, I'm calling you out Miss E.
You got a response better than "Get off me"?

But I won't hate, I won't clown.
I'll keep it like Kanye, keep my love locked down.

Because whether you're a fan or just off the street
You can't deny Booker T. brings non-stop HEAT.

- Joel


BTW Photo said...


dylan said...

that's how it's done

Joel and daniel said...

Thanks, Dylan. I'm looking forward to your epic post.

Dylan said...

tell all your friends

luce said...

im jealous.
wheres luce in this?