Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I was a freshman in college when 9/11 happened. I can remember getting dressed in my dorm room and hearing my neighbors through the walls talking about a plane hitting a building in New York City. I can vividly remember thinking, "What kind of idiot pilot would run into a building like that?" It wasn't until after I returned from my 8am Psychology class that I realized what was happening. I had no cell phone back then, and I can remember calling my dad with a calling card from my dorm room phone.

The video below reminds me of what it was like to be 18 and to attempt to comprehend the seismic shift that occurred in our world that day. However, I'm also a Christian, so the video below resonates me in a unique way. Nevertheless, regardless of your disposition toward faith, I think you'll resonate in some way with Sujo's experience at Ground Zero on 9/11. It's 9 minutes long, but I found it worth every minute.

- Joel

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abby! said...

Just now had a chance to watch this. Pretty powerful... wow.