Sunday, December 7, 2008


I heard about Twitter over the summer from a consulting company I worked with during my days at the O'Donnell Foundation.  Initially, I thought it was ridiculous and narcissistic.  Tonight, I started my own Twitter account.  Maybe I'm ridiculous and narcissistic.  

Be my friend.  Get a Twitter.  Start following me (and I'll follow you).  Here's my account.  If you have an iPhone, Twitter has a great iPhone app.

- Joel


abby! said...

Did you get a Twitter because Kanye has one?

Kristen Cochran said...

joel, i'm not hip enough to know what twitter is all about, but if you say it's cool, I'll get a dozen. I really wrote to say that you're rockin' this blog. I'm a horrible blogger, but don't give up on me kay?

keep the music reviews comin'!