Monday, December 15, 2008


It was a great weekend in Dallas.  So much happened.  Here's a recap and shout outs....

Thanks to Matt Rees, Brady Smith, and Travis Patty for helping to load my stuff in Dallas and to Cindy, Brad, Dave, Mom, Dad, and Kyle for helping unload it in Kansas City.  It was an enormous help.

Shout out to Jeff & Nicole Whittington.  They picked me up from the airport, had dinner at Gloria's, and had Sunday breakfast at Bubba's - where we saw Justin Leonard.  Also, be on the lookout for Jeff's solo record.  I don't know when he'll start recording, but I'll be buying one as soon as it drops.

Shout out to Cassie Edmondson.  She gave me a great Christmas present - some of her very own hand made Christmas cards which are on sale at Grange Hall in Dallas.  She joined us for dinner at Gloria's and I bumped into her at The Public Trust opening on Saturday.

Shout out to Nan Coulter.  She has a website, but it's not really a website, more like a place holder.  I don't know if I've met anyone more full of life than Nan.  I had the pleasure of meeting her at The Road Agent opening.

Shout out to Allison Smith and Leila Grothe.  I got to hang with them at the Barry Whistler opening and tag along to a few other openings as well.  Leila and Jonathan came to Bubba's Saturday.  Allison had a good excuse for missing out because she was a part of The Polyphonic Spree the night before.  What a rock star!

It was a busy weekend full of hanging out with people way cooler than I am.  Thanks for everything.

- Joel


Anthony P said...

When you say that your friend allison was part of the polyphonic spree, do you mean she is in the band? Or just took part in a concert? I love the spree. And I would most definitely love to see them in concert. So if she is in it, next time they come to town we are going.

Anonymous said...

Joel - you're the coolest!