Thursday, August 28, 2008

Allison V. Smith

Allison V. Smith is officially my favorite photographer. I know I have already mentioned her a few times on here recently, but I will mention her again. I just bought her photo zine, full of pictures taken with her Lomo. As a extremely raw photographer just learning how to point and shoot, I've been taking lots of pictures on film with my Holga. Smith's Lomo and my Holga are similar cameras. If you're interested, you can purchase her limited edition photo zine from her blog here. The picture above is from the zine.

Allison is from Dallas and is actually going to help out at an event we're having at work next week. I think the reason I love her photography is because she makes it seem so simple to take beautiful pictures. Trust me, it's not very simple. I've learned that quickly. But there's something in her photography that makes you think, "I want to go out and try that."

- Joel


Anonymous said...

You know what photographer I love? Slim Aarons, check him out.

avs said...

Slim Aarons is very cool. If you like him , you should check out the book my mom & I published. Reflection of a Man. It's all about fashion & style.