Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Two Things

Two other things before I go to bed.

1) Pitchfork has a great interview with Gregg Gillis (aka Girl Talk).  He's a genius and a normal guy at the same time.  Check out the interview here.  I love it that he listens to Mariah Carey and The Beatles and plays basketball in his spare time.  For someone that pretentious music snobs love, Gregg Gillis unashamedly loves the music that music snobs love to hate.

2) Spoon recently played a live set for Daytrotter, a really unique music website based in Illinois.  Daytrotter is great because they get tons of great bands to play live sets.  They offer the mp3's as free downloads.  They're also great because they create an original illustration for every band's visit.  The picture above is the illustration for Spoon's visit.  Spoon played a previously unreleased cover of Paul Simon's "Peace Like A River" for Daytrotter.  Go here to download the set.

- Joel

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