Saturday, January 3, 2009

Reading List/New Music

The holidays are officially over. This is my least favorite time of the year. But January has always been a great month for reading. Maybe it's the cold weather that keeps me inside (though it hasn't been too cold in Kansas City lately). Here is what is on my reading list. Also, you can find a few fun songs below. I think the format in which they're posted allows you to legally download the songs for free.

- Joel

1. Bill Hybels - Axiom
* This is an essential handbook for any leader or aspiring leader. Thanks to my parents for getting me this for Christmas.

2. George Orwell - 1984
* A few months ago I read Downtown Owl by Chuck Klosterman. Klosterman kept referring to 1984, so I decided I needed to read it. Thanks to my sister Abby and aunt Charlotte for giving me a copy for Christmas.

3. Malcolm Gladwell - Outliers
* Gladwell is an interesting character. He deals with such ambiguous subject matter that his conclusions are relatively safe from critical evaluation. His observations are what they are. You can't necessarily prove or disprove what he says. In his first book, The Tipping Point, that is a great thing. In Blink, on the other hand, this ambiguity makes for a boring, aimless read. But here we are at book #3 and I'm still reading. That must say something. Thanks to Daniel for this Christmas gift.

Ben Folds featuring Regina Spektor - You Don't Know Me
* I heard this song on the radio last week and found myself singing it the rest of the day.

You Dont Know Me (feat Regina Spektor).mp3 - Ben Folds

The Helio Sequence - Hallelujah
* When I lived in Dallas, I used to listen to music on Pandora at work. This was one of the few songs that Pandora "suggested" that I really enjoyed.

Hallelujah (Album) - The Helio Sequence

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