Thursday, January 8, 2009

Prints For Postage

© Kevin Miyazaki
I'm stealing the title of this blog post from Kevin Miyazaki. Over at his blog, Miyazaki is offering to send out every print that was a part of his show 100 Very Small Observations, exhibited at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. This is a chance to get work from a talented photographer FOR FREE! All you have to do is email Kevin,, with "100" in the subject line of the email. He'll email you back instructions on how to receive a print. Basically, you'll need to mail him a self-addressed stamped envelope big enough to hold a 4x6 print.  He'll then select at random one of the prints from his exhibition and mail it back to you. Not a bad deal! Read more about this project on his blog here. I just put my envelope in the mail today!  At last check, 66 of the 100 prints were spoken for.  

- Joel

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Nicole W. said...

Sending my envelope today! Thanks for the tip!