Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cormac McCarthy

Cormac McCarthy, author of the novel adapted into the Academy Award-winning film No Country For Old Men, uses his writing to explore concepts like love & loss, life & death, home, God, and fate. His are heavy books, full of violence, adventure, existential questions, and exquisite prose. I continue to find, in the midst of the struggle that life can be at times, that my appreciation for his writing evolves. Furthermore, McCarthy's ability to meticulously piece together vivid landscapes word by word reminds me that even the smallest details can be incredibly meaningful.

Check out the three novels All The Pretty Horses, The Crossing, or Cities of the Plain, known collectively as The Border Trilogy. For a quick read, try the Pulitzer Prize winning, apocalyptic novel The Road. An adaptation of the novel is released in theaters on November 25. Watch the trailer below.

- Joel

THE ROAD (2009) Official Trailer from THE ROAD on Vimeo.

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