Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New Sufjan Track

It's not much, but it's something - a new track from Sufjan Stevens. Next month, Stevens drops The BQE, a cinematic suite inspired by the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway and the Hula-Hoop. Asthmatic Kitty has released a track titled "Movement VI—Isorhythmic Night Dance With Interchanges". Right click here to download and enjoy the new (kind of, it was actually performed two years ago) Sufjan.

Also, Sufjan is a native of Michigan as is my girlfriend Bre. Sufjan is great. Bre is the best. Quick shout out to her and the great state of Michigan.

- Joel


abby! said...

Is the whole album going to be instrumental or just this song? I like it... but I was craving a little vocal action.

Joel said...

I think the whole album will be instrumental, but it comes with a DVD. The original production was a multi-sensory, music and multimedia experience.