Saturday, March 21, 2009

Telekinesis - Stream the New Album

Of the new music I've come across lately, I am most excited about Telekinesis, which is really just a guy named Michael Lerner.  His album Telekinesis! drops on April 7th.  If you're at work, or at home, or wherever, and have some time to listen to some music, and are tired of Pandora pushing all sorts of lame stuff on you, I recommend that you stream this Telekinesis album here.  It's worth your time in my opinion.

Also, I'm watching the NCAA basketball tournament and wishing I had telekinesis to make some teams win and some lose (that sounds like a Tweet and not a real sentence).  I picked the Oklahoma Sooners to win it all but will be cheering wholeheartedly for the Kansas Jayhawks.

- Joel

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