Saturday, October 25, 2008

Waldo Pizza

It's probably cliché to make a claim about "the greatest pizza ever" or even the greatest pizza in Kansas City. I'm sure people who are way more hip than I am know of some obscure pizza place in Kansas City, or some other city, and would tell me, "If you really knew Kansas City (or the world), you would know the best pizza can be found at..." But maybe good pizza is like pop music. The cool kids will tell you how terrible Top 40 tunes are, but there's something to be said about writing a melody that millions of people enjoy singing. The same can be said for Waldo Pizza (75th & Wornall). It just keeps growing and more and more people keeping pouring through the doors. It may no longer be the hole in the wall secret of those living in and around Brookside, but they still make great pizza. I just went for the first time on Thursday with 16 of my family members, and I loved it. I'll say this: I don't remember eating better pizza in Kansas City.

- Joel

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