Saturday, November 24, 2007

Unfortunately, tonight was probably the only meaningful game that will be played in Arrowhead Stadium all year. My beloved Jayhawks could not overcome two missed field goals and two interceptions and fell to Mizzou in the biggest football game our two states have seen in quite some time. But even though my team lost, I decided the game ended in a victory for all who call Kansas City home. We got to put Arrowhead Stadium, the loudest stadium in the NFL, on display for the entire nation to see in primetime. As I sat there, I couldn't help but notice the Kansas City crowd drowning out the announcers. The stadium was so loud I couldn't even hear Brent Musburger (did I spell that right?) make his seemingly obvious observations from the booth. It made me proud to call myself a sports fan from Kansas City. We are the most tortured fans in the nation - KU's many Elite Eight and Final Four NCAA losses, three Chiefs' playoff losses to Indianapolis, numerous 100-loss seasons for the Royals - yet we still cheer louder than anyone else. Why? Because we are the best. So tonight, whether you are lamenting a loss or celebrating a victory, tip your cap to Kansas City and those of us who will always cheer for our teams because they are OUR teams.

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Joel and daniel said...

Agreed, excpet I cheered for Mizzou. The last championship we won as a city was the little celebrated 2000 Wizards MLS Cup.