Monday, January 24, 2011

Andrew Bannecker

© Andrew Bannecker
Things I like About Coca-Cola:
- the way it tastes at McDonald's with the wide straws (rumor has it Coke reserves its best batches for McDonald's)
- Mexican Cokes with real sugar
- the clever commercials they have before movies where an army full of magic people inside the Coke machine go through an elaborate process/celebration to open the Coke bottle and send it down the chute to be enjoyed by an unknowing customer
- the freedom they give illustrators like Andrew Bannecker (see above) to advance their already dominant brand

- Joel


oscarellis said...

I love coke too!!! And, I agree, too, that McDonald's coke is the best best bestest!

Joel said...

I think the same thing about their Dr. Pepper. McDonald's has the best drinks, followed by QuikTrip and then Sonic....or maybe Sonic then QuikTrip. Depends on the day I guess.