Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Wild One

With no cable in my new place (that changes Friday), Netflix has been my best friend lately. For me, the greatest thing about Netflix is the chance to watch old movies that are hard to find. I'm not sure how hard The Wild One is to find, however, released in 1953, it is certainly old. A timeless tale of the biker rebel turned straight by the beautiful girl, this is my favorite Marlon Brando film. When you consider that it was filmed in a time of incredible prosperity for our country and one in which traditional values were paramount, this film seems to tap into an undercurrent of rebellion that wouldn't surface for another ten years. Yet you don't have to appreciate the historical significance to enjoy this classic.

My favorite quote from the film comes when one of the local girls asks Johnny (Marlon Brando) what he's rebelling against. "Whaddya got?!" Johnny snarls. Culture yourself a bit and snag this from Netflix.

- Joel

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