Friday, August 27, 2010

Even More Sufan

For five years we didn't get much news out of Sufjan Stevens. I guess that's not entirely true; we did get an album full of B-sides, some repackaged Christmas tunes, and a symphony. Maybe the curse of being so incredibly talented is that we view such a diverse set of material as uneventful. However, he has more than made up for his absence, whether real or perceived, over the past seven days. Last Friday he dropped a new EP. Then yesterday he announced a new album. Now today we get a sneak peak of what that album will sound like. I'll admit that Asthmatic Kitty's description of Sufjan's new sound had me thinking, "I'm not going to like it." But now that I hear it, I think it may become my favorite album of the year. We'll see. Listen to and/or download the new track below.

- Joel

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