Monday, August 9, 2010

Song of the Day

I've been in a bit of a music funk lately. I haven't found anything new/exciting that's actually cool. It seems the "cool" music popping up over the last few weeks has all been too strange to deserve a post. The funk continues today. But I have been enjoying this track by Paramore. I guess I have something in common with the legion of middle schoolers who love Paramore. Listen/download the track below or watch the music video.

- Joel

Paramore - "The Only Exception"


abby! said...

Don't you think this song is a bit repetitive? She sings "you are the only exception" in the same exact way, and it kind of makes me crazy. I play a game with myself where I try to harmonize different parts when I hear it to make it less dull.

Glad you like it though. :)

Joel said...

I'm definitely a big fan with or without the repetitiveness.