Saturday, July 3, 2010

Jerry Bywaters

Where The Mountains Meet the Plains, 1939 © Jerry Bywaters
I've thought a lot about Jerry Bywaters lately. Maybe it's because every time I watch a Western film I think of Bywaters' paintings. When I lived in Dallas, the very first event I ran for the O'Donnell Foundation was at the Meadows Museum on the SMU campus. The Meadows happened to be featuring an exhibit from the Bywaters collection at the time. I spent an entire week running hundreds of students through an exhibition entitled "Coming of Age". However, I spent my spare time that week wandering through the Bywaters exhibition over and over again. I love his interpretations of the Southwestern landscape.

- Joel

Rain Storm, Colorado, 1940 © Jerry Bywaters

Ranch Near Tucumcari, 1946 © Jerry Bywaters

Carnival © Jerry Bywaters

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