Thursday, July 1, 2010

Get Off My Lawn

Thanks to AVS and Trey Kazee for the heads up on this photo zine. Get Off My Lawn features photographers 34 years of age or older. As the Sad Kids blog points out, too often photographers must be younger than 34 to be considered emerging artists. But sometimes people are late bloomers, or their greatness just isn't recognized until a later age. So why not have a zine devoted to the older and wiser photographers? This is the very first zine in this collection, so I made sure to snag it. Now I can collect the whole set if more are to come. I'm still frustrated that I didn't know Allison when her first zine came out. I've got 3 of 4 but wasn't around in time to purchase the first one. I won't let that happen again.

- Joel

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