Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Brixton hats

I had a great stumble upon moment about a year ago in San Diego. My brother had recently moved so he and I drove his car from KC to SD. I spent an afternoon in La Jolla and stopped in a local boutique. There on the hat rack was a fantastic hat, by Brixton. I picked it up and then couldn't take it off for about a week.

This happenstance started my love with Brixton hats. Started in 2004 by three southern California friends Brixton blends traditional and modern together brilliantly. Not to mention that the quality and detail is fantastic, especially for the price. My current favorite is the straw castor in natural, with a great silk lining, it's becoming my summer hat for sure. (you can buy Brixton hats on their website or just google it.)

I know what you're saying, "I can't pull that off", and I said the same thing. This is a look for everyone, that includes you girls. It's refined but masculine, old but new, dressy but casual. I'll even give you a styling tip, wear it with a simple fitted button down shirt or t-shirt, and jeans. My advice is keep it simple. Then wear the hat with the front of your hair line showing. I promise you'll look effortlessly cool. As with anything, you look good when you feel good, so love what you wear.


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kitty kate said...

wow nice writing skills d.c.

i am going to get the natural castor tomorrow. completely adoring my black castor. neil loves it too :)

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