Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bringin Back the Pager

Last March, Daniel and I made a trip to Chicago to catch a Clipse show.  Not to brag, but we were first in line at the show, stood right up against the stage, and got mad love from Pusha and Malice.  That night was, unknowingly, our first encounter with The Cool Kids.  At the back of the stage, quietly taking it all in was Mikey Rocks.  It's true, he's cool.  Actually, we saw him roll up and go into the show while we were standing in line and thought, "Who's that?"  I'll bet Daniel could even remember what he was wearing - skinny jeans, dunks, and a leather hoodie I think, with a Bulls flat bill...I may be a little off.

The Cool Kids represent the next wave of hip-hop.  Young.  Intelligent.  Creative.  In some ways, they're a blast from the past, but in most ways they're brand new.  Their Bake Sale EP, which just came out on iTunes today (in stores in June), is going to be my summer jam.  Have fun.  Listen to The Cool Kids.  Or just do what you want, because it's cool to be yourself.

- Joel

Black Mags

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Joel and daniel said...

Mike Scott dropped Mikey Rocks for me a few months ago at Blonde. I about lost my mind, I think I was one of three people that even knew what was going on. I love the cool kids.

Oh and I do remember exactly what Mikey was wearing. Skinny jeans, Nike's, a red hoodie with plaid lining, and oddly enough a phillies hat.