Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The 50 States Project

Girl With A Dollar Bill © Larry Schwarm (Kansas)
No, I'm not talking about Sufjan Stevens' red-white-and-blue inspired musical endeavor. I stumbled across The 50 States Project, a collection of 50 photographers (one from each state in the Union) assigned to capture fingerprints of their State while staying true to their style. Photographers involved in the project, which runs through the end of this year, are given a new assignment every two months. By December 31, the project website will have 300 photographs showcasing the majesty and diversity of the American people and landscape. Check it out. I've only just begun to look through these photos, but I added a few of my favorites below.

- Joel

Ice Fishing Hut on Devils Lake, North Dakota © Dan Koeck (North Dakota)

White Sands National Monument © Jesse Chehak (New Mexico)

Victoria and her dogs, Coldfoot, Alaska © Ben Huff (Alaska)

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