Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Food Shark © Joel Thomason
It's taken two months, but I finally had my pictures developed from Marfa (thanks to my Aunt Cindy).  Here are a few.  The rest are on Flickr.  I'll post more here on the blog later.  I shot two rolls of film from my Holga.  The first roll was taken along the Pinto Canyon Road.  The second roll was taken from the tower in the Marfa Courthouse (or on the way to the courthouse, as is the case of the Food Shark picture).  So not a lot of variety, but I had fun.

- Joel

Cactus © Joel Thomason

On the Go © Joel Thomason


abby! said...

Very cool pictures. I particularly liked Windows and Pinto Canyon Road- I feel like if you drove on that road for very long you would find la frontera mexicana and be able to meet some really cool Mexicans, just in my dreams though (I mean the border part, not the cool Mexicans part, I know there really are cool Mexicans)

avs said...

awesome. happy to see these!!

Nicole W. said...

They turned out great! Thanks for sharing the ride down the Pinto Canyon with us!

Cassie said...

These are great, Joel. i already checked out your flickr ones. LOVE THE HOLGA.