Sunday, April 5, 2009

Capybara - Download This!

In college, a friend of mine, Mark Harrison, and his friend, Darin Seal, made a band named Dadbot.  Daniel used to call them "posi-rock" - as in music revolving around pure positivity.  They were fun, but in 2006 the demands of college and real life led to an early retirement (but not after slices and slices of Free Cake) for Dadbot.  

Mark and Darin are back, with two new band members, and giving it the old college try once again.  Actually, I should say they are giving it more than a college try considering their initial try in college was shortlived.  I believe this new musical adventure, aka Capybara, has the sound to be a real success in the indie world.  They describe their sound as a "multi-instrumental, percussive style that draws on many influences, evoking classical chamber pop and soaring indie rock riffs in equal measures. The band hopes their music is like when a little brother sits in the backseat of his big sister’s car, leaning close to the speakers, puzzled but smiling as he listens."

- Joel

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abby! said...

Yay for new stuff from ex-Dadbot! I saw them in concert at the Blue Note my freshman year and loved them. Excited for the new stuff!