Monday, December 10, 2007

Youth without Youth or really just without chili

This is the map of the central US right now, and you better believe Kansas City is about to get hit with a big ice storm, and I'm interested in what it's really going to look like. Here's what I do know, currently I'm on break eating chili I made the other night and it is fantastic.I loved almost everything about my childhood, except the chili. In my brain chili equals hearty, to my mom it meant more soupy. She didn't make it with the intention of it being hearty and it was runny, she really made a chili soup thing. I openly hated it and now that I'm an adult I make hearty chili.

I suppose of all the things I could have mid-twenties Garden State parentally induced angst about chili is one of the, if not the very, least severe. Here's to me hoping we don't lose power at our house tonight!!!


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