Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lessons From Friday Night Lights

I've been waiting to read the Grantland article, written by Carles of, on the lessons taught by the TV series Friday Night Lights. I actually began the article a month ago only to stumble upon spoilers and postpone reading. Having finished Season 5 of FNL last night, I was finally able to finish the article. The author Carles gleaned surprisingly insightful lessons from watching the show (though I don't know Carles, so maybe his insight is not surprising at all). Among the many lessons he describes, these stuck out to me as most powerful - sacrifice defines a family; and a successful marriage depends on mutual submission (he uses different language in the article to describe the second lesson). This will be the lasting impression of Friday Night Lights for me: beyond entertainment, the show made an authentic examination of life in America and ultimately provided lessons for how life is best lived. At the core it's a show about the fallibility of humans and the need for grace, love, and sacrifice to make relationships work. If I'm honest, I shed some tears after watching the finale last night - tears for the end of an excellent show and for the many unexpected ways I grew from watching.

- Joel

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