Friday, April 29, 2011

Oklahoma Joe's

I'm not sure if I've ever posted this article before, but it's one that I will cite for the rest of my life. As a native of Kansas City, I take pride in a few specific things about my corner of the world - Kansas Jayhawk basketball, fountains (Kansas City has more fountains than any city in the world besides Rome), and barbeque. There are those in other parts of the country (Texas, Memphis, the Carolinas) that accurately claim to have good barbeque. However, Kansas City is widely regarded as the barbeque capital of the world. Anthony Bourdain, world-renowned food critic, released his list of "13 Places To Eat Before You Die" a few years ago. The only barbeque place to make the list was my favorite joint in Kansas City - Oklahoma Joe's. Bourdain says of Oklahoma Joe's, "It's the best BBQ in Kansas City, which makes it the best BBQ in the world." I couldn't agree more.

- Joel

Anthony Bourdain - "13 Places To Eat Before You Die"


Ladell said...

No argument here! I'd take a "Z-Man" sandwich over just about any other kind of food!

Anthony P said...

Dude, I was reading the article and saw that at #12 he has Hot Doug's listed. That is the place in Chicago I have been telling everyone who I know is going that they have to check out. I went there a little over a year ago and it was by far one of the best meals I've ever had. And it was just Hot Dogs! Good to know that i must have pretty good taste if 2 of his top 13 are some of my favorites too! :)

Joel said...

I have no doubt that when it comes to food, Anthony knows what he's talking about.
Next time I'm in Chicago, I'll be stopping in at Hot Dougs.