Sunday, January 24, 2010

Driving and Crying

This week's edition of The New Yorker features an interesting essay by Nick Paumgarten entitled "Driving and Crying". In light of recent hit-and-run allegations against a former NYPD Police Chief (in which the alleged backed into a pregnant woman and fled the scene), Paumgarten comments on the tendency of adults to shirk responsibility. He states, "You learn, at an early age, to own up to your mistakes and misdeeds; and then, apparently, at some later age, you learn to disown them." The author goes on to explore Mark McGwire, NBC in the Leno v. Conan debacle, and bankers amidst the financial meltdown as likeminded offenders. I found his commentary to be extremely insightful. It is worth the three minutes it takes to read the essay. Check it out below.

- Joel


Kris said...

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Anonymous said...

can you please tell me what this essay is about i just don't get it i have an assignment for school to analyze this essay but i dont understand what the author is trying to say can you summarize it?